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Samsung A51 Vs Vivo S1 Pro Vs Vivo V17 (2020)

Samsung A51 Vs Vivo S1 Pro Vs Vivo V17

Today we are going to review and compare three best mid-range phones which are available in India, China and Pakistan. All of these handsets are made for middle range; each of them has almost same qualities and features from their latest Super Amoled screen to 6 to 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. All these phones are in almost same price range with Samsung A51 selling at 400$ for its base model, Vivo S1 Pro selling at 328 (Which is cheaper of them three phones with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM) and last one is Vivo V17 which is the most expensive phone of this range at 499$.
Pic Credits: Samsung Mobiles
Vivo V17 and Samsung A51 share the same o-infinity display but Vivo S1 Pro comes with same old water drop notch or u-infinity display as Samsung calls it. Let’s see what are the other differences in these phones to have a better idea?
Faster CPU
 Samsung Galaxy A51 has the best CPU in these three phones with 2.3 GHz and Vivo S1 Pro Has 2 GHz. Vivo’s V172 Has Around 15% faster CPU than Vivo S1 Pro. Faster CPU means more smooth experience and better gaming flow.

Pic Credits: Vivo Pakistan
Samsung’s Galaxy A51 is7.9 mm, whereas Vivo’s S1 Pro is 8.68 mm thick and Vivo’s V17 is 8.54 mm. Slimmer devices means it will be easier for users to keep it in pockets and carry it in daily life and it also looks more fashionable.
All of these devices are made for youth which means they all have more RAM and more ROM to offer to its users to have better experience in gaming and other usauage. Samsung’s A51 has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of Memory, which can be expanded to further storage using a card, Vivo’s both handsets, offer 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage capacity.
Display and Screen Lock
All these phones come with Super Amoled Screens which means all of these offer good user experience. One more noticeable thing about these display is that they all can offer UNDER DISPLAY SCANNER to have better security, which they obviously does, *wink wink*. This one feature is my best of among these phones. All three phones offer under display scanner for security.
Most important feature on any modern phone is its camera, all these phones offer good camera experience overall, with Samsung A51 leading the way because ITS SAMSUNG ;). All these three phones have 48 MP camera as their primary camera with Samsung having a 12MP ultra wide, 5MP Macro and another 5MP one as a depth sensor whereas both Vivo’s phone has 8MP, 2MP and 2MP sensors.  They all can record videos at 1080P @30 fps.
Last but not least, Battery and fast charging is most important thing in a phone and all these phones offers fast charging to its users with Samsung having a 4000mAh and Vivo’s both phones offering 4500mAh batteries, which means you can spend a good day with using these phones easily.
So, I would rank Samsung as number 1 among these two, not beacuase its just a Samsung phone but because it has everything which should be in budget phones and that doesn’t mean Vivo phones are not good, I think Vivo’s S1 pro is best one to buy under 400$.

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