Sunday, January 26, 2020

POCO Phone 2 (Release date and Leaks)

POCO Phone 2 (Release date, Leaks, All the information at one place)

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Image by: POCO

POCO which was previously known as sub-brand of Xiaomi made its name when it released its F1 Phone last year. The phone was a hit because of its high end processor but mid-range price tag. It had latest Snapdragon processor at that time and it won huge audience and users in 2019. After POCO phone got famous because of its Model F1, they decided to make their own name and brand instead of following XIAOMI and made their own brand as POCO Phone in 2020. This was announced by POCO’s Indian team on twitter account.

They also announced F1’ successor to be launched in mid of Q1 of 2020, which means we are going to see an amazing flagship type phone in mid-range budget. By leaks we have come to know that this phone is going to have latest processor, which will support 5G connectivity as well, besides having other good configurations as well. There could be more than 1 variants of this phone as well. Some leaks have suggested that XIAOMI’s K30 is going to be released as POCO’s F2, but don’t forget these are just leaks and not confirmed officially. One thing is sure that we will get flagship type phone in mid-ranger price because that’s their main MOTO.

POCO’s Pocophone F2 is going to be the cheapest 5G phone as well but it will depend on its variant and user market as well. They are going to release different phones in different regions. POCO getting away from XIAOMI is definitely going to affect their market value as well. What do you think about their move? Is it going to affect their market in whole world? Or is it going to be just another brand gaining their name in the market especially in India and China? Let us know what do you think about this?! Till then take care and stay updated!

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  1. well it was all about leaks but nothing about its release date


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