Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Big Four from China: HUAWEI / XIAOMI / VIVO / OPPO

Big Four from China: HUAWEI / XIAOMI / VIVO / OPPO

big four chinese brands oppo vivo xiaomi oneplus

Mobile market is increasing day by day with new and latest technology coming from almost all the big brands of this word, such as, APPLE, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI and Others. All these brands are spreading worldwide with the speed of light. All these big companies are listed in FORTUNE 500 as well, just so you know how big they are making. APPLE, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, XIAOMI, VIVO, OPPO and OnePlus, all these companies have more than one businesses in whole world, like Huawei working with the telecom as their prority, same goes for other Chinese brands, Samsung working with LEDs, Resistant’s and other micro computing accessories.
HUAWEI blessed the world with their first smartphone in 2003, which was limited to Chinese market. In 2012, XIAOMI made their first smartphone for the world and now it’s been 8 years of continues progress for them. OPPO and VIVO made debut in cell phone market in 2008 as they are sister companies. Before these four brands were in market, we were only known to Samsung as an android phone and IPhone as Apple’s product. After these four companies stepped into the global market, whole condition was affected for the consumers and the sellers as well.
Now all these big four brands takes more than 42% of global mobile phones share, with OnePlus emerging as their partner brand from China. Thinking these big names making more than any other country’s brand is clear show that how far has China got into the technology. These brands are giving cheap technology as compare to Samsung and Apple. This is the main cause of their success especially in cheap countries such as China, India and Pakistan.
These brands are also playing important role in good economy of China as well, making China having access to data all the users as well. This is one the main reason why Huawei is on ban list by USA.
Apple and Samsung on the slide
With these big four names taking up the whole global market, Samsung and Apple are losing their big shares and users from the world. Samsung is still at the top but Apple is down to third number by HUAWEI taking the 2nd spot in the list of best brand of 2019. Giving users something they want in cheap is the best way to get users and make them stick to you brand, that’s what I have learnt from Chinese brands. Hope to see them make better and cheaper phones in future as well, where Apple is selling its flagship around 1200$ these phones are giving same technology in half of its price, Yes, that is the main reason Apple lost its customer which were attracted by these big four Chinese brands.
Year 2020 is going to be tough for both Huawei and Apple, as Huawei is banned from using Google Apps but if they get permission to use these apps or make their own AppStore, Apple will be going to 3rd or 4th spot in bestselling smartphones. Let’s see what 2020 is going to bring for us. Keep reading and sharing with your friends and family! Cheers.


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