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5 things to know about Anxiety Disorder

5 things to know about Anxiety Disorder

Every single person on this planet earth is nervous from time to time, worried about different things such as financial conditions, emotional and physical problems. For some people, anxiety becomes so obvious that they don’t like to do things; they will stay sad or fed up of life all the time, complaining about everything which sometimes lead them to suicide or doing something bad.
Anxiety is about feelings worried all the time or being at unease for something with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety disorder is growing as fast as the population in United States growing. There are different forms of this disorder such as general anxiety, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder and panic disorder. It can easily make someone kill themselves or kill anyone else; it also increases the risk of disability and poor quality of life.
People who are homosexual are also result of different kind of anxiety, many people die to get attention in their social circle which makes them do different kinds of irregular things. Gays, lesbians or bisexual people who are living in USA or Europe have higher rate of anxiety than normal people.
Here are 5 most important things about this disorder:
1.       There are more chances that woman are suffering this disorder more than men because it is natural that they are more obsessive and jealous than men. They have almost double the ratio of men who are facing this disorder. They tend to have more emotional feelings than men which makes them think more and more about single thing even if it is not that complicated (and we all men know that, don’t we? Just kidding!).

2.       There has been a research which shows that most of the people under the age of 35 to 40 are having anxiety disorder in whole world except Pakistan, where people in their middle ages fall for this disease. Most recent surveys showed that youth of Pakistan is also falling for this disease as they are being addicted to different kind of drugs and social media.

3.       Anxiety is such a dangerous disease that it can lead people towards other different physical diseases such as stomach ache; head ache is common and weak eye sight.  Many doctors says that there is deep relationship between our physical and emotional behavior, so if one have good mental or emotional states there are less chances that he will fall for some disease.

4.       People who are addicted to social media and gambling have more chances to have this disease than normal people. As social media and gambling gives some sort of depression to people who are addicted to it so stress is the main reason which increases anxiety in normal people.

5.       Anxiety can be non-dangerous and stays with people for long time period. There are some kinds of anxiety which helps people to improve their skills by struggling and learning things to solve their problems. That’s kind of anxiety is also known as positive anxiety.

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