Thursday, January 30, 2020

How can CORONAVIRUS affect CHINA'S Trade/Business 2020?

China under threat by CORONAVIRUS 2020?

coronavirus causing real damage to china trade themobileopps
China under threat by Coronavirus
You might have heard about CORONAVIRUS spreading in China at the speed how once Huawei spread in the world. This virus started from WUHAN (a province in china) and now is worldwide famous. Some people are blaming different animal soups and other are calling it some conspiracy from other world. Whatever is the main cause of this virus, thing we need to worry about is how to stop this virus. We have heard how this virus spread like other cold viruses by touching or other things. Some of its symptoms are
i.                    Fever
ii.                  Cough
iii.                Shortness of breath
How it spreads:
There are many ways that this virus is spreading worldwide and human beings are the main spreaders. Here is the list how this virus transfers from one to other,
i.                    Person to Person
ii.                  Sneeze
How it can affect China’s business?
Coronavirus can be spread by person to person or some other things like touching, thus, question arises by all the people who are buying goods from china, can it be spread by goods coming from china as well. The answer would be Yes, It can be spread by this way, like Dengue spread in Pakistan from Sri Lanka by tires imported from there. Same way, these viruses can travel from one country to other. So is there any way that this can affect China’s trade? One should keep himself safe till this virus gets a cure or a vaccine. People are still not looking at this aspect of how harmful this virus could be for China’s Trade.
How to avoid Coronavirus (CoV):
  • ·         Wash your hands again and again with soup
  • ·         Don’t touch your eyes, mouth, nose without washing your hands
  • ·         Don’t go outside while you’re sick
  • ·         Don’t have any close contact with sick people

This was out take out how this virus can affect business deals in china, because this can spread by human touch. if any of the people working in china factories gets sick, he can be a real help for coronavirus to spread in whole world.  let us know what you think about this. Spread this to help people around you and other community. 

Sunday, January 26, 2020

POCO Phone 2 (Release date and Leaks)

POCO Phone 2 (Release date, Leaks, All the information at one place)

poco phone apple samsung vivo oppo oneplus
Image by: POCO

POCO which was previously known as sub-brand of Xiaomi made its name when it released its F1 Phone last year. The phone was a hit because of its high end processor but mid-range price tag. It had latest Snapdragon processor at that time and it won huge audience and users in 2019. After POCO phone got famous because of its Model F1, they decided to make their own name and brand instead of following XIAOMI and made their own brand as POCO Phone in 2020. This was announced by POCO’s Indian team on twitter account.

They also announced F1’ successor to be launched in mid of Q1 of 2020, which means we are going to see an amazing flagship type phone in mid-range budget. By leaks we have come to know that this phone is going to have latest processor, which will support 5G connectivity as well, besides having other good configurations as well. There could be more than 1 variants of this phone as well. Some leaks have suggested that XIAOMI’s K30 is going to be released as POCO’s F2, but don’t forget these are just leaks and not confirmed officially. One thing is sure that we will get flagship type phone in mid-ranger price because that’s their main MOTO.

POCO’s Pocophone F2 is going to be the cheapest 5G phone as well but it will depend on its variant and user market as well. They are going to release different phones in different regions. POCO getting away from XIAOMI is definitely going to affect their market value as well. What do you think about their move? Is it going to affect their market in whole world? Or is it going to be just another brand gaining their name in the market especially in India and China? Let us know what do you think about this?! Till then take care and stay updated!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Big Four from China: HUAWEI / XIAOMI / VIVO / OPPO

Big Four from China: HUAWEI / XIAOMI / VIVO / OPPO

big four chinese brands oppo vivo xiaomi oneplus

Mobile market is increasing day by day with new and latest technology coming from almost all the big brands of this word, such as, APPLE, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI and Others. All these brands are spreading worldwide with the speed of light. All these big companies are listed in FORTUNE 500 as well, just so you know how big they are making. APPLE, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, XIAOMI, VIVO, OPPO and OnePlus, all these companies have more than one businesses in whole world, like Huawei working with the telecom as their prority, same goes for other Chinese brands, Samsung working with LEDs, Resistant’s and other micro computing accessories.
HUAWEI blessed the world with their first smartphone in 2003, which was limited to Chinese market. In 2012, XIAOMI made their first smartphone for the world and now it’s been 8 years of continues progress for them. OPPO and VIVO made debut in cell phone market in 2008 as they are sister companies. Before these four brands were in market, we were only known to Samsung as an android phone and IPhone as Apple’s product. After these four companies stepped into the global market, whole condition was affected for the consumers and the sellers as well.
Now all these big four brands takes more than 42% of global mobile phones share, with OnePlus emerging as their partner brand from China. Thinking these big names making more than any other country’s brand is clear show that how far has China got into the technology. These brands are giving cheap technology as compare to Samsung and Apple. This is the main cause of their success especially in cheap countries such as China, India and Pakistan.
These brands are also playing important role in good economy of China as well, making China having access to data all the users as well. This is one the main reason why Huawei is on ban list by USA.
Apple and Samsung on the slide
With these big four names taking up the whole global market, Samsung and Apple are losing their big shares and users from the world. Samsung is still at the top but Apple is down to third number by HUAWEI taking the 2nd spot in the list of best brand of 2019. Giving users something they want in cheap is the best way to get users and make them stick to you brand, that’s what I have learnt from Chinese brands. Hope to see them make better and cheaper phones in future as well, where Apple is selling its flagship around 1200$ these phones are giving same technology in half of its price, Yes, that is the main reason Apple lost its customer which were attracted by these big four Chinese brands.
Year 2020 is going to be tough for both Huawei and Apple, as Huawei is banned from using Google Apps but if they get permission to use these apps or make their own AppStore, Apple will be going to 3rd or 4th spot in bestselling smartphones. Let’s see what 2020 is going to bring for us. Keep reading and sharing with your friends and family! Cheers.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite VS Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Specs, Release Date and Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite VS Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Comparison 

unboxing note 10 lite samsung new lite models
Samsung Note 10 Lite Photo By Samsung

unboxing galaxy s10 lite samsung new lite models
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Photo by Samsung

SAMSUNG is going crazy with its mid ranger series by introducing its last years FLAGSHIPS in their lite versions. Yes, you read it right, Samsung has introduced lite version of its last years Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series flagships as Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (well, there was already S10 E available in market) and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite.

After facing worst year in mid-ranger SMARTPHONE Market, Samsung finally decided to give its mid rangers some good specs and quality by introducing its A series (Samsung A10, A20, A30, A50, A70 and A80 followed by this year’s super hit Samsung A51) After XiomiOPPO, VIVO and Huawei taking control on mid-range sector, Samsung was in big trouble in markets such as India and China.

Samsung introduced its latest mid-range banger last month and now they are the hot topic in the mobile industry right now. Samsung has made some changes in its last years flagships such as their size, battery and other quality but their main processor stays the same even both have good RAM and ROM as well. By looking at their price, it would be fair to call these mind rangers as high level mid-range, which comes in between a flagship and actual mid-range. These two fully packed phones are for people who want more work but they can't actually afford a flagship.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite comes with regular Snapdragon 855 Chip which we saw in last year’s flagship, with 6 to 8 GB of RAM, whereas Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite comes with their in-house made Exynos 9810 chipset and 6 to 8 GB of RAM and surprisingly it comes with S-Pen like its elder sibling.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite has best camera of these both smartphones, it has a quad camera system with 48MP main sensor and a 32MP of selfie camera, whereas Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite has main sensor of 12 MP as well as selfie shooter.  Both phones share the same battery power and are made of plastic body instead of their premium metal and glass.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Pros
·        Snapdragon 855
·        Main Camera of  48MP
·        Selfie camera of 32MP
·        A huge 4500mAh battery with fast charging
·        Out of Box Android 10 with One UI 2.0
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Cons
·        Cheap looking plastic body
·        Apparently no headphone jack
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Pros
·        An S-Pen
·        Headphone Jack
·        Huge 4500 mAh Battery
·         Android 10
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Cons
·        Last year’s Processor
·        Won’t be available in US
So friends, this is the by far most explained comparison of these two flagship-life models. I am going to review it further once I get my hands on these two cell phones. I am so excited about these two phone, don’t forget to tell me about your opinion. I hope you guys will enjoy reading this, don’t forget to comment what you think about these models!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

4000+ Funny WhatsApp Groups Link 2020 (Updated January)

4000+ Funny WhatsApp Groups Link 2020 (Updated)

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How can CORONAVIRUS affect CHINA'S Trade/Business 2020?

China under threat by CORONAVIRUS 2020? China under threat by Coronavirus You might have heard about CORONAVIRUS spreading in ...