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Facebook VS Instagram which is more suitable for business

Facebook VS Instagram  which is best for business

Instagram and Facebook are the two top social networks with world renown. Facebook is visited annually by 1.1 billion people, and Instagram has about 500 million visitors a month. These two platforms have a lot in common, but also a lot of differences. So which one is worth focusing on in terms of doing business? Next, we will talk about the ways in which they influence its development, so that you can draw conclusions for yourself in favor of Facebook or Instagram.

Customer reach

Facebook has existed much longer, and therefore has a larger user base than Instagram. It is also a more popular platform among the older generation, while Instagram is aimed at a young audience. It is developing extremely actively, and it is likely that it will soon grow to the scale of FB. Imagine some fresh statistics to compare two social networks.


  • 1.13 billion active audience per day;
  • 1.03 billion mobile users per day;
  • 1.71 billion active users per month;
  • 1.57 billion active mobile users per month.


  • 500 million active audience per month;
  • 300 million active users per day;
  • 4.2 billion likes per day;
  • More than 95 million photos / videos per day.
  • Total, Facebook has a larger audience. However, Instagram has the best indicators for sharing content and engagement. This may mean that the two platforms have different efficiencies for different types of businesses. For example, areas whose development depends heavily on visual perception in advertising will work much better on Instagram than on Facebook.


Targeting Your Target Audience
Obviously, you need to know the gender, interests, age and other characteristics of your target audience. This is necessary in order to be able to contact her and speak her language. Facebook offers ads targeted to a variety of user characteristics, but official advertising on Instagram provides the same opportunity . In fact, the functionality is the same as that of Facebook, and we are targeting users of the FB who have a profile on Instagram.


But what are the differences then? Instagram is a platform for the development of businesses aimed at a young audience. FB, however, is focused on older and more wealthy generations. Here it is easier to find customers who can and are willing to buy expensive, luxury goods.

Customer engagement

Foreign studies have shown that engagement in Instagram accounts is 10 times higher than in the FB. At the same time, the average rate of involvement in the post increased by 416% compared with what was two years earlier.


Platform Strength Assessment
On Instagram, users share photos and videos. Previously, the videos were short, it was allowed to publish content no longer than 15 seconds, but now they have grown to a minute. Facebook with content offers more options. However, the plus of Instagram is that it allows you to build a base of loyal subscribers. This is achieved through their immersion in the daily life of a company or blogger. It is customary to share something personal here, and this approach allows you to build trusting relationships through an emotional connection.

Facebook, on the other hand, has more features. So, you can choose which one of them (group, event, store, photo, video, text, etc.) is suitable for certain purposes of your business. Things like working hours, events, addresses, and analytics are in the business pages. This is convenient, but the rich functionality makes it much easier for the unenlightened user to get confused.

On Instagram, everything is more concise, and therefore it is much easier for the average person to understand the functions of the social network. Navigation is more clearly organized here, there is almost no division of pages for the purpose (although business accounts have already appeared ). Although your page gets less coverage than Facebook, the content here has better visibility for the audience. This translates into a larger percentage of subscribers and sales involved.

Thus, both platforms are equipped with useful tools for business. So which is better - Facebook or Instagram? The specifics of your activity will prompt a solution.

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