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Affiliate Marketing Company Rankings in 2019-2020

Affiliate Marketing Company Rankings in 2019-2020

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to promote products and services that online platforms use today. Business owners advertise their products, and partners get rewards for helping. However, in order to achieve results, it is important to correctly choose affiliate networks and offers.

We represent the top 14 affiliate programs that offer the best offers in 2019.

eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network offers 1.1 billion products and services for promotion, including electronics, collectible goods, and household items.

Partners earn from 50 to 70% from the sale of goods within a day after clicking on the affiliate link. Profit depends on the selected vertical and product categories for promotion.

Amazon associates

The Amazon Associates affiliate program offers over a million advertising products. Earnings of partners varies depending on the offers. For example, when advertising furniture and household goods, you can get up to 8% from the sale, and clothes and cosmetics - 10%.


Cooperating with ClickBank affiliate program, affiliates promote products from various fields: electronics, gambling industry, products or sports goods.

ClickBank is one of the highest paid affiliate programs, as partners can get up to 75% from the sale of goods.


Jet is an affiliate program of the American e-commerce platform of the same name. Affiliate offers various offers from different categories. Among the advantages of Jet are rewards for certain actions, frequent promotions for partners and a large assortment of banner advertising.


Gearbest affiliate offers electronic advertising from China: arbitrageurs can choose from about 110 thousand products to promote. Using this network, you can earn up to 50% from the sale of advertised goods.


GoDaddy is a web hosting and domain registrar whose affiliate program offers high commission rates. Partners can receive up to 40% from the sale of site services after clicking on the link.


HostGator is a platform offering web hosting and favorable conditions for its affiliate program. Among the advantages of the affiliate program is the opportunity to earn $ 125 for registration.


The ShareASale affiliate network has existed on the market for 19 years and offers many offers from various categories (fashion, health products, household items, etc.).

The level of rewards for the sale can reach up to 50%. However, the affiliate network offers rewards not only for sales, but also for CPL and PPC models.


The company has been providing affiliate marketing services since 1996. It includes many affiliate programs of major brands, such as Walmart and HP. Remuneration of affiliates for the sale of goods is up to 20% of profit.

Cj affiliate

CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) has established itself as a reliable affiliate network. It includes various affiliate programs, for example Adobe, Alibaba, Avast, Bata,, Kaspersky, Levi's, Tripadvisor.

Partners can choose between different offers, and payment is carried out depending on the advertiser’s policy.

Wide markets

Affiliate company Wide Markets collaborates with about 11 thousand advertisers in the field of e-commerce. Among the offers for promotion there are also innovative technologies: smart watches, as well as virtual and augmented reality applications.


CPAmatica is a Ukrainian affiliate network that provides about 800 offers for promotion. The main verticals of CPAmatica are beauty and health.

The affiliate network offers various models for cooperation: affiliates receive remuneration for the sale of goods, following the link and action on the advertiser's website.

Commission factory

Commission Factory is a partner company operating since 2011. The affiliate network collaborates with approximately 500 major brands, and about 1 thousand new affiliates join the network every month. Benefits include reliable customer support and easy profit tracking.


Skimlinks provides access to 50 affiliate networks, allowing affiliates to promote offers from 48.5 thousand large brands around the world. Partners can earn up to 25% from the sale of advertised goods and services.

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