Samsung A51 Vs Vivo S1 Pro Vs Vivo V17 Today we are going to review and compare three best mid-range phones which are available in India, China and Pakistan. All of these handsets are made for middle range; each of them has almost same qualities and features from their latest Super Amoled screen to 6 to 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. All these phones are in almost same price range with Samsung A51 selling at 400$ for its base model, Vivo S1 Pro selling at 328 (Which is cheaper of them three phones with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM) and last one is Vivo V17 which is the most expensive phone of this range at 499$. Pic Credits: Samsung Mobiles Vivo V17 and Samsung A51 share the same o-infinity display but Vivo S1 Pro comes with same old water drop notch or u-infinity display as Samsung calls it. Let’s see what are the other differences in these phones to have a better idea? Faster CPU Samsung Galaxy A51 has the best CPU in these three phones with 2.3 GHz and Vivo S1 Pro Has 2 GHz. Vivo…
5 things to know about Anxiety Disorder Every single person on this planet earth is nervous from time to time, worried about different things such as financial conditions, emotional and physical problems. For some people, anxiety becomes so obvious that they don’t like to do things; they will stay sad or fed up of life all the time, complaining about everything which sometimes lead them to suicide or doing something bad. Anxiety is about feelings worried all the time or being at unease for something with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety disorder is growing as fast as the population in United States growing. There are different forms of this disorder such as general anxiety, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder and panic disorder. It can easily make someone kill themselves or kill anyone else; it also increases the risk of disability and poor quality of life. People who are homosexual are also result of different kind of anxiety, many people die to get attention in their social circle wh…

Happy New Year 2020 New Collection Images Pictures,Wallpapers Download Free 2020

Happy New Year 2020 Hd images Free Download 2020

In this article i will share with you the best collection new year 2020 best images free download Here we provide you the amazing happy new year 2020 Images, Pictures, and Wallpapers for free to share on facebook, WhatsApp etc. New Year's Eve is here and individuals have begun wishing their friends and family, relatives, companions a Happy New Year 2020 and to state farewell to the Year 2019.

Smile is beginning of life, risk is an integral part of life, but New Years are heavenly gift in our lives. Happy New Year!!!

Affiliate Marketing Company Rankings in 2019-2020

Affiliate Marketing Company Rankings in 2019-2020
Affiliate marketing is an effective way to promote products and services that online platforms use today. Business owners advertise their products, and partners get rewards for helping. However, in order to achieve results, it is important to correctly choose affiliate networks and offers.

We represent the top 14 affiliate programs that offer the best offers in 2019.

eBay Partner Network
The eBay Partner Network offers 1.1 billion products and services for promotion, including electronics, collectible goods, and household items.

Partners earn from 50 to 70% from the sale of goods within a day after clicking on the affiliate link. Profit depends on the selected vertical and product categories for promotion.

Amazon associates
The Amazon Associates affiliate program offers over a million advertising products. Earnings of partners varies depending on the offers. For example, when advertising furniture and household goods, you can get up to 8% fro…

Things to Consider While Designing a Mobile Application for Your Business | things to consider when designing an app

Things to Consider While Designing a Mobile App for Your Business

Things to Consider While Designing a Mobile Application for Your Business Whether it's far for gathering client details or to update the approaches of your enterprise, a well-developed app can of direction be a superb tool in your enterprise. Many corporations have a cellular app in their to-do listing. But having a strategic one consists of the importance. To assist you increase the quality app to your enterprise, right here are some matters you could keep in mind while growing an app for your business.

1. Be careful in appointing the developer or dealer

Make an additional effort to find the quality developer or a cell application improvement supplier. Because every developer you would stumble upon may not be the pleasant on your business. Hence, crosscheck his portfolio and take the choice earlier than the pickup.

2. Take care of the finances

You ought to be very smart on spending cash for your app. Because apart from …

Facebook VS Instagram which is more suitable for business

Facebook VS Instagram  which is best for business
Instagram and Facebook are the two top social networks with world renown. Facebook is visited annually by 1.1 billion people, and Instagram has about 500 million visitors a month. These two platforms have a lot in common, but also a lot of differences. So which one is worth focusing on in terms of doing business? Next, we will talk about the ways in which they influence its development, so that you can draw conclusions for yourself in favor of Facebook or Instagram.

Customer reachFacebook has existed much longer, and therefore has a larger user base than Instagram. It is also a more popular platform among the older generation, while Instagram is aimed at a young audience. It is developing extremely actively, and it is likely that it will soon grow to the scale of FB. Imagine some fresh statistics to compare two social networks.


1.13 billion active audience per day;1.03 billion mobile users per day;1.71 billion active users per mo…

Most Popular New WhatsApp group link 2019 3500+Groups

New Whatsapp Groups Joining Links 2019
whatsapp group links Hi Friends Toady we are share Whatsapp groups link If you are looking to download Latest Funny Whtasapp groups links,and more Whatsapp groups we will know what the Specialty Whatsapp group new links. we will provide 3500+ groups you one Click Direct Link to join your favorite  Whatsapp group , so you can easily join wahtsapp groups .

Whats is Whatsapp Group? whtasapp group just share your links videos photos sharing. and more.
How to Join Whatsapp Group? Firstly you scroll down and choose your favorite group Now you select your favorite group and  click on the link and it Redirects to a new window. Show app list on your device and choose WhatsApp. Here show the group icon and enter the group by click on Join.
New and Latest Whatsapp Group Link In this article i will show you best and most popular whatsapp group link. you can choose your favorite Whatsapp group.
Most Popular WhatsApp group link Funny Whatsapp Groups links:lates…